Is there anyone here who has the botox at the QE in Birmingham

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  • Yes Kerry, I had my first round with Prof Williams 4 weeks ago, next appointment in 4 weeks time.

  • I think mine is with the same person. Dr Sinclair referred me last month and they have sent me an appointment for this Friday.

    Where do they inject as this will be my first lot. Is the clinic on the ground floor as it just says specialist nurse migraine clinic.

  • My injections, I counted 15, were in the back of my neck, head, temples and across forehead. A bit painful but that only lasts for a moment. On the ground floor, when you book in you can check if you are not sure. I waited for about 10 mins and was with Prof Williams for around 15 mins at the most. I've had a slight improvement but everyone tells me that you get more benefit after the second and third round. Tell us how you get on, best of luck x

  • Thanks. X