Is it common for migraines to basically disappear for a few years then come...

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  • Yes it is. You can go between being chronic and episodic every few years.

  • Yep absolutely. Unfortunately I'm currently going through this.. I just don't understand at all. I am convinced now that I have cluster migraines because I had daily attacks about 10 years ago then 2 years ago now this week I've had 8 straight days so far. I do also get regular migraines sporadically as well. I Made an appointment with my primary tomorrow morning. I just can't live like this.

  • O yes it is common for this to happen mine do that they will be good for a while then bam they r back with a vengeance

  • I had migraines for about 15 years, then about five years ago I'd had enough and started eating super clean (nothing but fruits and veggies) and my migraines stopped for a couple of years, until I started eating crappy again. Time to buckle down and get back to clean eating and hope that it works again.

  • Thanks for sharing that Christine ..

  • Had migraines and clusters for years, got Botox for several years. Had a five year break then. Alas they returned, back to Botox for two years now.

  • Yes it definitely is.