I was having a cluster headache last night and I had a thought Does any...

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  • I never had any problem with my ears. I fly frequently (of course not during clusterhead season, which I am terrified will come any day now, since mine usually come sometime between now and November, and sometimes remain till january or later).

  • The cause of the pain is the Trigeminal nerve being crushed by the swelling of blood vessels, we don't know why they swell, but we do know we have a deformed hypothalamus and that our serotonin molecules are missing one "leg".

    Sumitriptan, or Imitrex mimics the serotonin. The closest thing to Sumitriptan is a group of drugs called Triptamines, or psychedelics.

    Google "Cluster Headache Mushroom" and "Cluster Headache LSD" there is a lot of information here.

    The advantage of triptamines is they can STOP THE WHOLE CYCLE DEAD! and then keep you free of cycles by dosing every 6 months. THIS IS REAL PEOPLE AND IT WORKS. for more info see

    www.clusterbusters.com FREE info on how to do it yourself, or message me.

  • i have eposodic clusters been pf for 2 whole years ..... always suffer badly with my ears when flying