I ve had this pain behind in my right eye for days and it s always there but...

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  • I do when I have a cluster migraine attack

  • I looked into clusters. Can they last weeks?

  • Yes they can

  • I find that the ones behind my eyes are sinus related. Can you take sudafed?

  • Oh Julie it seems never ending!

  • I've tried and nothing works. Asprin dulls it but it just comes back

  • I found one 'cure'! I am 17 weeks pregnant and I have only had two migraines the WHOLE time!! Not bad since I can't take my prophylactics!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!! Lovely news x

  • heat or ice on the browline?Hyper hydrate? Ginger?

  • Ice helps but again it just comes back

  • Robyn, thanks! I am 41 and was told for almost 20 years and MANY fertility drs that it was not going to happen. :-)

  • heat head and ice back of neck? Is it a dull or sharp pain?

  • That's amazing! I'm very happy for you! X

  • 70% dull right in my eye/behind my eye and then it spreads to my temple like a piercing pain. I've had it for weeks now

  • can you see an ophthalmologist and have them check your pressures? Not the type that just does glasses.

  • I'm not sure I'll check it out