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  • I can relate to how you feel. I to have h as pressure which causes a stiff neck which in turn causes headaches and pain on the back of my head. I'm pretty sure it's to do with blockages within my ethmoid sinuses. Have you ever had a sinus CT scan? I've had this for over 1 year 10 months now, when it first started I was very anxious as nobody could relate to how I felt and no doctor or specialist could diagnose me. I'm through that now and feeling a lot better but still not back to my normal self.

  • Thanks for replying Shaun Nicholson is there anything we can to do help with the symptoms at all?

  • For me, hot showers help, as does ice to head and neck. Both seem to enable mucus to thin and drain more easy. Also menthol sweets, help open airways. Amirtryptyline 25mg tablet taken on a night. Shoulder and neck massage 2-3 times each week. Strong pain killers if I have a particular bad headache. Don't do this much though as don't want to become reliant on them.

  • Thank you Shaun Nicholson I will try anything. Thanks again for replying x

  • Also could I ask how bad did it affect your job etc at the beginning?