I ve been suffering with migraines since I was 6 7 I m currently taking...

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  • Me too. Seems worth a try but cannot bring myself to do this. Already had lobes pierced but I know that's much easier.

  • I'd get them done a few weeks apart if you sleep on your side, however I've not had that specific part of my ear done I've always found them achey to sleep on.

    Don't freeze them it's can prolong healing.

    Piercings hurt a lot less than my migraines and as long as you clean them as advised you shouldn't have any problems xx

  • I had my left one done 3 months ago and yes, it really does hurt. Normally it takes approx 5 minutes, but my ears are apparently stupidly small and she struggled to get the bar in. 20 minutes later I finally left and I'd say it was quite sore to the touch for a few weeks. I did however not have any trouble sleeping on that side at all. I've got a bar in mine, but even a hoop will fold over and shouldn't be painful. Emma is right. Yes, it does hurt to have it done and I'm scared of pain, but a migraine attack hurts more. Be brave.

  • One minute of pain is worth covering a potential lifetime :) it really burns and made my eyes water but that's because I'm really bad with pain anyway. Was over in a matter of seconds and it really has helped - take someone in with you, grip their hand and take a chance. If you find it doesn't help, you can always take it out :)

  • For me, the piercing itself hurt a tad but it was my best piercing in terms of being able to sleep on and healing wise. As it's quite tucked away you don't lay directly on it, meaning it doesn't hurt too much when you sleep! Obviously everyone is different, but out of 11 piercings it's further toward my 'nice' end of the list rather than 'would rather poke my eyes out than go through that again' like some of mine

  • Best to have a few days between each piercing, I've had both mine done and it's worked for me!! Best thing I've done