I ve been struggling with chronic daily headaches and migraines for about a...

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  • I would ask now! It takes awhile at least where I am to get in so I would start now... hope u fund answers

  • Find answers... I have a migraine and need to learn to reread a few times before posting

  • Ask for everything you think might help. Then follow up to make sure you don't fall through the cracks.

  • Definitely see a neurologist! I'm surprised they haven't referred you to one sooner!

  • Get the appointment now. My neurologist has a six month wait list for new patients. I'm sure your doctor is trying to help the best she can but this needs to go to a higher specialty.

  • Ok so Im no doctor I've been suffering for about 6 years now. I want to tell youbfirst and for most read about them of you haven't. The Magnesium and the vitamin b, is great. I cant take Excedrin, I get rebound headaches. I suffered alot of pain, and wasted days I call them. I dont Like Meds so I dont take them. To each its own on that..... so I suffer alot some Emerengcy room days.... I started to read alot about Migiranes that I have gotten the Migiranes over it..... I know my triggers as far as food. I dont do alot of process foods. Foods and drinks, alot of foods cause migiranes. Sleep I try to get about 6 hours. nothIng less nothing more. I'm to busy for a diary so I wrote when I can And what I would remember, so the next time I can see if triggerd one. I also tried my best not to stress..... Hahahaa. My best..... I got some 100 percent oils, and hold on tight the piercing, thers alot of mixed reviews about this. I had to try I was dying of pain, I have to live I have children and missed my life. That has helped me alot!!!! It dosent work for everyone, it has helped me. It has eased alot and has gave me hope. I did it in October 2016, and I have a life again..... I still suffer however not life before I have life now. I did all this with my Doctor knowing and my Nero, helps me alot, now I notice I suffer more when my Monthly comes so I have a appt with my GYN....... It took me alot of praying being grateful, letting stress go, vitamins, eating a little better, the piercing and the essential oils, Vicks Vapor rub, Massages I have a machine hahah. I have some life back..... and grateful.

  • I see an acupuncturist for my migraines, so grateful to have found some relief!

  • Jus wondering is the sleep clinic apt related to ur migraines?

  • NOW!!

  • Yes, I've found that I wake up multiple times s night and I will tend to get a migraine after nights like that. My Dr suggested meeting with them to make sure I don't have some sort of lack of oxygen at night, which she thinks could cause migraines. I'm just trying anything.

  • I would ask for an appointment now. It takes time to get in. Good luck from a fellow Knutson!

  • Ask for an appointment now. I'm 26 and now suffer with gastris from taking to much ibuprofen so please take my advice I too suffer from chronic migraines on top of gastris. And when they both hit at once I'm miserable. So please watch how many over the counter pills you take.

  • That's sounds like me maybe I shld look into it thanks

  • I had a sleep study. My oxygen becomes very low about 16 times an hour. I have a cpap machine I use now but I can't tell it has helped my migraines.

  • Thank you! I try my hardest not to take any pills, but some times I just can't help it. Especially work days, I think the lights at work factor on how my migraines feel. I'm looking into tinted glasses as well( I work in a factory)