I m thinking of trying amitriptyline as prevention method now on day 6 of daily...

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  • Found it made me feel "spaced out" and could not function at work. Worried me so I gave up with them. Did stick with them for a few weeks not just a couple of days. Hopefully they will help you.

  • Didn't reduce the frequency of my migraines, only the intensity. Although, once I came off of them I always felt very ill and tired. Wouldn't really say the pro's outweigh the cons.

  • They have been my saviour. After suffering for years I was out on it. Didn't work at first so increased dose. Went quite some time without a migraine but then they started coming back....increased dose again and it is working again. I take 6 every night and I start work very early and it hasn't affected me getting up. Hope it works for you x

  • I loved it, it helped so much with my sleep and I was definitely less anxious, but it didn't help with my migraines unfortunately. I really didn't want to stop taking it but had to as the doctor wanted me to try something else. Good luck :)

  • Dry mouth n feeling tired x

  • I take mine at 6/6.30 to avoid waking up feeling groggy and have been fine on them. Warning though if you go on holiday your skin burns due to he meds (google it) I'm now on week 8 I've still had migraines but too early to say as yet. Definitely didn't stop my time of the month ones. I'm currently on 20mg started on 10mg.

  • zombie 3x25 a day

  • I've been on 50ml every night and I've not migraine for 2 months so it's worked for me .I do take other meds also x

  • Didn't work, always tired, massive weight gain and hair loss x

  • 10,20 and 30mg didn't do much for me but 40mg is working well, I feel the migraine coming on and start to panic thinking the pain and aura will hit bad but it just isn't!! The side effects really don't seem that bad to me (drowsiness I just take them early in the evening, heartburn a rennie fixes it, a couple of nightmares but seem to have stopped, dry mouth, and grogginess/spaced out) but I'm still much happier than when I was getting several migraines a week. It's working for me for now but I'm working towards going medication free and moving to a better climate as mine are mostly weather related.