I m starting to feel discouraged My neurologist used to prescribe midrin for...

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  • Can,t you get Triptans?

  • I'm with u on that my neurologist won't prescribe me any prevention meds. He says just keep taking vitamins and u will be fine.

  • I used to take Midrin for years and my doctor told me it was discontinued and no longer available. I had no idea it was still being made. I was switched to Maxalt and Imitrex. I take Depakote as preventative, that's all I've found that works for me.

  • I'd suggest going to a pain specialist

  • Time to research for a new neurologist who is willing to adequately treat your headaches

    Never settle!

  • My insurance won't cover the floricet. But it is what works for me so I pay out of pocket. Got to have my meds!

  • Sometimes it's the number of tablets prescribed

    Or at least that was my case

  • No its not covered at all. My Dr says that only one company makes it now and that is why it is expensive and why insurance companies would rather they prescribe something else

  • :(

  • I think that is what I'm going to have to do, just bite the bullet and pay for it out of pocket.

  • It works well.

    Definitely worth the money.

  • Ugh, don't you just love insurance companies. Years ago I had a problem with them not covering my Imitrex. My doctor, neurologist and another headache specialist wrote to the insurance company telling them that it was the only thing I could take and they didn't care.

  • Right! Like they know more than the doctors what we need.

  • Call your insurance company! Have the dr submit s letter to them that it's the only medication that works. I had that happen before with a different medication.

  • Did they cover it then?

  • They did! The dr had to write a letter each year. It was worth it. Only certain meds help me like everyone else. Insurance companies piss me off.

  • You got that right. Midrin isn't that strong, but it's just enough to take the edge off so I can get through the day at work

  • BCBSTX stopped covering it as well -- my daughter was using it. They said it was because it contained more than the FDA approved amount of acetaminophen. I have used a GoodRX coupon and paid $23 or so out of pocket for it (20 pills).

  • That makes sense. I have Anthem Blue Cross. I looked it up on GoodRX and it isn't much more than I was paying with the insurance. I see my doctor on Wednesday and will talk to her about it then.

  • Thank you everyone for all the great advice. It has been very helpful.