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  • The bad part is having a high pain threshold now never sure when I need to see a dr until I'm way overdue

  • Snapped a tooth from grinding during a 10 getting it pulled tomorrow.... oops

  • I know what you mean. I've done the same and was told I was neglecting myself.

  • Have had two teeth pulled (at different times) because of absess and my gums would freeze because of it. I told the dentist to just go for it. Lol annoyed him more than it annoyed me.

  • I'm getting knocked out for it lol. Best sleep I gonna get for a while

  • Wise man. Lol

  • It's ironic really because we all hate being misunderstood and not getting support, but its got that I am insensitive to other peoples pain who don't have clusters. To me they are whining over nothing..

  • As well to the ppl "triggered" emotionally.

  • It's not an easy road we're on.

  • It didnt take long, only 9 days in to first cluster. I on forum for rheumatoid disease support also & suddenly all that seems utterly inconsequential in comparison to this & found myself thinking 'wimps' when they talk about the pain & fatigue of rheum flare. I haven't showered or washed my hair since my first attack last Monday. I haven't walked further than the ward bathroom. Even in my worst rheum flares I got clean with bit of help. Now Life has shrunk to either having an attack or getting over one & I don't care how my hair looks. God I so want to feel better...

  • They have no clue.

  • I fully know what you mean Sher. It has taken me into the deep darkness of despair. With that goes personal neglect. I lost everything because of it, and I mean everything. It has taken a lot of rebuilding with which I got professional help. I was so far down I couldn't do it on my own.

    (((Hugs))) Sher. X

  • It isn't that other people are wimps, it is that a cluster sufferer's ability to register pain is muted or distorted over time. One has to rely more on sight than on pain to tell if one has injured one's self.

  • I know what you mean, Nathan. It's another way this illness screws us up. Touches every part of our being.. It's an effort to look after ourselves when we work on comparison. I loath talking to my doctor about anything else because I'm so screwed up. Nothing else matters, when it does.

  • A few years ago I burst my appendix and worked two weeks before I went to the dr. He looked at me like I was insane. I also fell through some scaffolding and broke a couple ribs, I didn't even take pain meds for them.

  • We really are hardcore, Jamey. Not for wimps. It sure has hardened us i say with sadness.

  • I've also found out that I've got an incredible tolerance for pain medication. If my wife takes half of one of my pills she's out for 48 hours. I take as many as 8 with little to no affect!

  • Im exactly the same, Jamey, a doctor in hospital once said to me "you're on enough to stop a donkey" and it hadn't fazed me at all. It really surprised him..