I left the DR today about 10am and I am still pissed I still have a headache...

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  • Did you get a new doc? You need one that gives a crap.

  • I wish i could Bill but i dont have insurance. I havent worked since march of this year. But i am so tired of hurting and now it seems like i get sick to my stomach with out the migraine

  • No it is not make yourself heard, not all doctors understand what it is like. Do you have NDPH? Print out info from the Internet and take it to them and be pushy. Good luck keep a record of pain days, lots if documenting to show them. Where do you live?

  • Aren't we lucky to be living in the state with the highest # of uninsured. Yeah! I believe our governor has said that he is planning to refuse any federal money to expand medicaid. I hate our healthcare system. We spend twice as much on healthcare than any other industrialized nation but have the most uninsured, higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy. Gotta stop before I wind myself up and get a headache. Rest up, take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  • U too Bill.

  • Just to be curious, not to increase your level of pain, what is the % compared to thje Defense budget ?

  • Sorry Michel but u have lost me....and if u are talking about anything governmental I dont know. I dont loom at the news at all.

  • Medicaid and Medicare Spending is slightly more than what we spend on defense. http://usbudgetalert.com/USBudgetCharts/fedBudget2 012.jpg

  • I am gladly surprised. Tks.

  • Bill, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT,!! It's disgusting to see all the pain n suffering...