I hear quite often this question and so I m telling from my side here people...

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  • I've seen six of each since these headaches started, and neither has helped one bit. PT usually causes more pain while I'm doing it.

  • I agree Julie...I don't see much permanent difference in the different practitioners just temporary help - though temporary help is better than none of course

  • Went to a chiropractor and didn't help a bit. Just a way to haemorrhage money on the promise of relief. Not to bash the chiropractic arts but the science of whether it actually helps is still undecided.

  • I found some relief with chiro, but not until days after. The first 3 days or so after were hell.

  • I'm trying to get a EDS type 3 diagnosis now....I just have to find a doctor that knows something about the disorder. The instability of my C1-C2 means my adjustments have never held, making the chiros job hard over many years

  • I had a chiro adjust the top two for two months and it never held. Was like lighting money on fire.

  • Yep...like chucking money out the window for years Julie. I've been doing that far too long :(

  • Yep true for the folks do the standars. It great depends on the skill, understanding and perceptions of practioner, and relationship you establish. The practioner willingness to help towards longer term and send you home with methods that extend the relief.