I have tried all kinds of things to try and stop my migraines Now my...

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  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz - what is the pink drink stuff!?

  • My neurologist has me on this , & Trokendi XR 75mg, co q 10, & 1000mg of magnesium per day. Works great for me fir the most part.

  • Acupuncture and Botox

  • Did the Botox work right away?

  • I get Botox every 12 weeks. It helped after 3 sessions.

  • So 9 months?

  • yes.

  • Thank you

  • I gave up on meds. They are not working. I started using Curable therapy to see if it works. It certainly can't be worse than failed medication and useless injections.

  • Naratriptan

  • Following

  • It's part of a line of Plexus, which is a part of a collection of weight loss supplements. I personally know of 2 people who have been able to reduce their migraines and lost weight! The down side is it is very expensive (for me)

  • This seems like a great combo !

  • It works better than anything else I've ever been on before. And no side effect of feeling like I'm drugged up, that's a huge plus for me.

  • I'm really happy for you!

  • Plexus! I was having migraines every week and I am now over 2 months free of migraines! That's a first in over 6 years!

  • Ty

  • Did you ever try zomig nasal spray? It works wonders for me !

  • What do you use from plexus

  • I take the drink, the probiotic, and the biocleanse (which is magnesium and vitamin C)

  • It's just so expensive:( it's not viable for many people to use long term. Still, I have heard good things about the product

  • Perhaps try Primrose oil? I am taking 1,000 mg every morning. Huge improvement:) better than all the drugs that I've tried too

  • It just depends on how you look at it. It's cheaper than my hospital bills and cheaper than Botox would have cost me. And I'm not spending money on pop everyday or multiple bottles of Excedrin every month.

  • Ok, I read that Primrose balances hormones and helps increase feel good chemicals like Dopamine and Seratonin. It also decreases inflammation, so maybe that's why it's working?

  • Absolutely. I totally get that :)

  • My protocol:

    Imitrex 100 mg


    Ice pack around my head

    Rub Tiger Balm on temples

    Eye mask

    In bed keeping feet warm

  • Imitrex nasal form

  • I finally found a combo that seems to be keeping them at a minimum. I'm on my second round of Botox and I can tell that is working because when it wears off I start to get them more frequently. If I take maxalt right when it starts coming on most times it will stop it. If I get past that point I take a maxalt and excedrin and ice on my head and pray for the best. I also use the fasciablaster on my traps and neck twice a week to keep my muscles loose because I noticed this has helped.