I have done about 25 of these in the past few months all ladies have said no...

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  • It cost me £15

  • Where was that Jode? x

  • Very true. Best money I've spent in a long time. Mine was£20. And the best healing piercing to.

  • So true Jode! I would do it for no more migraines! But I can't do it myself :(

    I pierce it with a bar, the hoop is to fiddly to start with (in my opinion) xx

  • Cut throat in Camberley high street

  • Mine was done in Woking.

  • Ok great, thank you x

  • Well if any of u lovely ladies want it done I work in Farnborough town centre and I'm very gentle ☺️

  • Think I might have to get this done x

  • It's £20 in our shop, no appointment needed :) am there everyday except Monday's 9-5 x