I have a question n want people to try n be as honest as they can or feel...

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  • Rant on! It's made my life so complicated that I have gotten more and more isolated.

  • Wow that's powerful so sorry keep up the fight!

  • i suffered for over 35 years..it only destroyed me during each episode..funny enough i bounced back inbetween each one. I have now be CH free for 4 years..due to busting with the magic. I think we are a resilient bunch. It can never win..never. love you all.

  • I can't hit like for your comment, Lynn, so I'll send s (((hug)))

  • That's real talk to a T !

  • Im begging for busting, I can't find help.

  • Clusters can destroy a person's life....it did mine. There's so much I could say.....but they are from the out of hell.

  • My Neurologist just started me on Lithium with other meds before he wants to do a stimulator implant any thought? Nothing else has helped!!! :(

  • Lithium has knocked out two cycles for me.....hope it continues to work.

  • Erik, I just passed the 3 year mark with Chronic Cluster Headaches...not a break in 3 years. My neurologists have tried just about every medication possible with little to no relief. Oxygen therapy is the best and most effective abortive for me. What Stimulator implant are they considering for you?

  • Ajay you can rant as much as you need to. Those of us in this group know all too well what you have and do go through. Cluster headaches are debilitating and life changing. From my experience, friends and family don't fully understand. I spend a great deal of time explaining the nightmare I experience EVERY DAY. Thankfully my spouse , family and friends are supportive and know that I can not do everything (including work) like I used to and would like to. I'm sorry you have lost so much. Keep fighting, keep asking questions and keep looking for treatments and studies that you might not have considered.

  • We get this a lot.

  • Ajay, I too suffer from CH and many days when it is really bad I hear my moms voice saying, "Just one day at a time, Teresa, just one day at a time. But often times my thoughts still take me down the path of things that have been taken away from me or things I'm afraid to do in fear of an episode. Just know you are not alone, and just take it one day at a time.

  • I've had more than I can bear. Why are we cursed like this

  • Good question Craig!

  • Ur not alone!!!