I have a question n want people to try n be as honest as they can or feel...

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  • Exactly !!! :) :) :) Very well put, exactly on point, and I can relate to absolutely all of it !!! :)

  • Kidney stones of the skull !!! :)

  • I call it the demon I'm lucky I have the support of my whole family when I'm up at 3 in the morning crying my hubby is there with me crying with me sometimes I'm in a bout at the mo and I'm getting hit every hour I agree with you it's not a bloody headache I suffer chronic migraines and it's nothing compared to ch I can understand why people end it I've thought about it a few times especially when I get nights like this I don't even have my oxygen yet takes the piss please Ajay try to relax when you cab when CH lets you sorry your having such a bad time sending pf wishes Hun