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  • Although by son has never had a diagnosis of benign paroxysmal torticollis the symptoms matched him exactly from about 6mths old then he seems to have developed migraines from about 2yrs

  • Hi Hannah, thanks for replying. Sounds exactly like my little one. It's so awful watching and not being able to take away the pain. How old is your son now?

    Have his migraines become worse?

    Amali started around the same time, 6mo. Took almost 18 months for anyone to listen to me and my concerns!!

  • I know no one would listen to us he is 4 now and we did have the migraines under control with a cranial osteopath but have had a few blips recently but his symptoms have changed. He isn't getting a headache or head tilt but still being violently sick

  • My sister in law suggested an osteopath. I might look into that option. We've been to a chiropractor but had no results.

    These poor kids. So unfair!!