I hate the way I feel once the migraine lets up almost as much as I hate the...

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  • Migraine hangover is what a I call mine stuff after the pain has left

  • It sucks! The hangover, sometimes, is just as debilitating.

  • Yes it is!!!!

  • I get like that too!

  • It's a terrible feeling.

  • Totally understand.

  • It's called a migraine hangover. We have to sleep it off.

  • Hate migraine hangover.

  • I get them too

  • sucks

  • Me too

  • I call it a hangover too. It sucks. My anxiety gets worse, I worry about little things that are not an issue. Plus I want to sleep for hours.

  • Postdrome is almost as bad as the actual migraine. It makes me so jumpy!