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  • I got mine pierced about 3 weeks ago now I got it done on the side of my head where I get my migraines it has certainly helped I still get headaches but nothing as bad

  • I was good for 8 days after getting both sides done then I ended up in the er with one of the worst migraines ever. It has now been 3 weeks and I haven't had a migraine since. Even when I had the flu I was a me to us ibuprofen to take care of any head pain.

  • I just got mine done Saturday! I went to a professional body piercing place. There was a guy who knew pressure points and was able to place the piercing where it should be. He suggested getting an ear ring with a ball on the end so that I can apply pressure when migraine start. Today it hurts to move it but other than that it's fine. I slept fine with no pain. Haven't had a migrane since I got it

  • I have had my daith for almost 2 years. I got it done feom a professional tattoo/piercing place. It didnt hurt just alot of pressure. Mine is done on the same side my migraines are but ive thought about getting mo ther done. The first 6 months while it healed, i just had headaches no migraines. After it fully healed my miraines were back. I still get severe migraines now but not nearly as often. I say try it, what do you have to loose!

  • agree, I feel there is nothing to loose

  • Thats just where im at in life with my migraines. I get so flippin frustrated with them. I cant seem to find anything that helps relieve the pain other than just laying in bed hoping it goes away. So yes, anything at this point is definitely worth a try. I hope you feel better soon!

  • I had it done at a local tattoo parlor 10 months ago, on the side my migraines hit most. Just went in and said, "I need one of those migraine piercings." $35 and done. Zero regrets. He did a fabulous job.

  • I had mine done In December and I was told to get both sides done because your migraines will migrate to the other side. Have had pretty good luck. Only paid 40.00 for both ears. Plus I was only going to get one side done if it hurt to bad. So they did the right side first and it didn't hurt at all. When I agreed to get the left side done it really hurt. I was told your dominate side doesn't hurt like your

    non dominate side.

  • I feel I get two types of migraine, one I believe should be helped by it as it can be made better by massage. it starts in my shoulder, crawls up my neck and it stays in d base of my head and across to the front.

  • I got mine done about 2 months ago. I only did the one side.. I didn't think it hurt at all. I would suggest that you make sure that you go to a professional piercer to make sure that it gets done right. Good luck! I hope it helps.

  • I had both sides done about 6 months ago, no effect for me but now I know!!

  • I've had my daith piercing in both ears for about a year and a half. It hasn't helped at all but I've seen on this site a lot of people who it does help so I would try it if I were you. Any tattoo/piercing place can do it for you. I would research the area you live in to find a reputable place close by. For me it wasn't too painful. A little uncomfortable but most of us with migraine have a pretty high tolerance for pain.

  • Also, I really like the way it looks and get compliments all the time so I have kept mine in regardless of the fact it doesn't help the migraine.

  • Yeah, for me the first side didn't hurt at all. The second side did hurt and the guy who did it said one side always hurts worse than the other. It was totally tolerable though.

  • Anybody from central Florida that can recommend a place?

  • I'm assuming Gainesville is a tad too far north?

  • I wouldn't mind driving couple of hours, pls will get a chance to catch up with friends