How many others experience phantom smells Ive been smelling smoke now for a...

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  • I smell smoke also, say from a wildfire, there is also cigarettes and burnt popcorn. As it was explained to me, since the smell usually occurs within a half hour of my really nasty a** migraines, it's also a form of aura.

  • I smell smoke too!

    One day at work it smelled like an open fire pit in my office. I told a few people to see if we could find where the smell was coming from. No one smelled it. I know they thought I was cray cray. They did get someone to check the fiber optics room behind my office and although they still didn't smell anything, they find an issue that could've been hazardous. I think that's the only time I've been grateful for my migraine sniffing!

  • I am like a blood hound since mvd.....

  • i get phantom smells i smell fried onions reese cups

  • Very sensitive to smell and sound too

  • Me as well. Smoke or bleach. No one else smells it. Only me. I hate it when it happens.

  • Don't laugh but I always smell cat pee. My husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes because I'm like I smell cat pee somewhere.

  • Cigarette ashes , burning electrical

  • My nose is super sensitive when I have a migraine. Everything is heightened and it drives me nuts as well as makes me nauseated.

  • Stale cigarette smoke and cat pee! Thankfully, not at the same time. I just chalked it up to being crazy, glad I'm not alone.