How many have had an mri because of migraines

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  • We had one just because I needed my mind to be put at ease. They were looking for anything abnormal and it came back perfect. Thank the lord.

  • Most drs want an mri to rule out masses that could be the cause of the headache. It is pretty common, there are always exceptions, but, nothing to be alarmed by.

  • Thank you Jill Talent-Duncan. I think an mri is going to be requested real soon, but if not I wasn't sure if I should request one. She suddenly started having back to back headaches out of the blue. I think it's migraines and we are ruling out a ton of other stuff right now, so I want to make sure nothing gets missed.

    I was pretty sure migraines don't show up on an mri But wasn't positive.

  • You are correct! We went through months of ruling out before they were ok saying they were migraines.

  • My son has had three MRIs over the years...thankfully they have all come back normal. The diagnosis of migraines can only be done through process of elimination. Good is a very stressful experience but worth it for your piece of mind.

  • My daughter had and MRI & MRA with and w/o contrast today. All came back 100% normal.

  • My son had one. They found that he had a Chari Malformation but still think the it's migraines. We watch the Chari and have done a second MRI just to check for changes.

  • May I ask what an MRA is?

  • This is from Google...A magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA) is a type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to provide pictures of blood vessels inside the body.

  • Thank you.

  • It took over 25yrs before I finally got an order for one.

    My daughter was given one after her migraines changed from classic to hemiplegic. They found abnormalities so did further testing. She has left anterior cerebral fenestration. They say it is not causing her migraines but she is at an increased risk of stroke.

    My mri was normal

  • I meant aneurysm not stroke

  • you're welcome

  • My daughter has had many over the years. Thankfully nothing unusual was ever seen. At first they were looking for anything at all to explain the migraines and as time went on they were looking for any changes from previous MRI's.

  • They will not my son but I just had one. I have nastagnus and dr couldn't see my optic nerve