Hi Odd I found this group reading a web page looking at causes for my blurry...

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  • Oh wow u have done it all regarding the program u attended, what is it u have ? exactly ?

  • Or did they say or do u know ? Rob Mudryk

  • #2 and #3 on that post you posted from round earth :) currently.

    but before I had a condition called Meralgia Paresthetica that I went through hell and back and was trained how to live with pain. That was back in 2008, I see my nurse practitioner once or twice a year now and a bit more since all this cognitive and vertigo stuff started up in 2013. Everything I thought I knew about pain, what was medicine was thrown upside down and punched me in the face, to get me to wake up to what was going to give me back control of my life... the program I consider almost a religious experience. If you think you know it all, I did.. this program will get you moving back int the right direction. I see so many people thinking like I did suffering unnecessarily.. like someone that found god, and wants everyone to feel like I did when I found the program :)

    Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program under Dr. Edward Covington.

    http://my.clevelandclinic.org/services/rehabilitat ion-sports-therapy/specialty-therapy-services/chro nic-pain-rehabilitation

    They have people come in from around the world for the program, they help with finding housing, etc.. for the few weeks as well.

  • Wow......interesting.........for what u have I guess, didnt look just read heading

  • Thats good it works for u !

  • Only two places in the world with this much success, the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic. They take in 5 patients a week in to the program. I was in there with a Governor's Daughter, a musician.. several people from hollywood have been through the program. The American Chronic Pain Association was formed by former patients. Almost all new methods being taught now for chronic pain are based off these two programs. Pretty much if you went to every specialist you could find and nothing is working. You were told there is nothing more, surgery did not work, etc.. This is the place to go. Diagnostically, they can not be matched, they have seen every rare condition. They are one of the few places that successfully give back control of their lives for people with CRPS, RSD. Migraines they split off to a second program by itself. I was lucky living in Cleveland, as people with chronic pain are typically unreliable to show up to the program, and being on the waiting list as a local it only took me 2 months to get in.