Hi my name is Susan I suffer from hAving migraines every single day I have...

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  • I have pseudotumor. Do you have a shunt? When's the last time you had your pressure checked?

  • Never had the shunt what is that I had my pressure check last month

  • They put a shunt in your head to continuously have the csf at a normal pressure.

  • If only we knew ..Im also tired of constant migraines!

  • Wish we all didn't suffer with migraines but there are worse things in life just wish there were a cure for our migraines

  • Wish I knew the answer. Ugh.

  • Susan, I took a double dose of muscle relaxant (fiorinol), drank strong coffee, used a heating pad , wrapped up in a blanket in the dark. If I took the med in time, I was able to stave off the nausea and vomiting.

    What cured them was menopause. Looking back, I'd have looked into a hormonal cause, but I had no idea.

    See a neurologist for sure.

    I'm praying for you.

  • Thank you

  • Are you on a preventative med? Topamax, pamalor combo are my preventative. Along with magnesium, vit b2, abortives firocet, midrin phenergan, mountain dew, panaway essential oil to the neck and head, along with ice

  • My wife has fought migraines all of her life. She got an ear cartilage piecing and it has help 90%. I seen her go through all of the drugs you have and more. This is the only thing that has ever helped her.