Hi I ve just joined this group I have heard about this for a while and am...

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  • I had mine done last weekend after years of daily headache and migraines. So far so good - had a slight headache yesterday morning but that cleared as soon as I had something to eat. It's worth doing. In my case was willing to give anything a go x

  • Thanks Tracey that's really helpful x

  • Hope it helps x

  • Early days for me , but nothing to loose x

  • Thank you Susan Anne Keirle! I've booked to have mine done tomorrow...eeeek!

  • Good luck. X

  • Thank you

  • We're are you having this done Tracy ? I really want mine done ? X

  • I've got a lady coming to the house tomorrow evening. I think she's in Bracknell...xxx

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz is the person who's doing mine tomorrow Molly Samantha Laws x

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz came to my house yesterday wake up this morning with a clear head no pain in my neck or head x

  • That's amazing - do you mind me asking whether Alison does the piercing in a methodological way compared to normal piercers? Or is it random where the hole goes?

  • Hi Felicity Forward it's not random they look at your ear and find the right place and to see if they can do it because some ears are small. They are very careful in what they do. Methodological way