Hi I ve been suffering since about the age of 11 with bad migraines I m now 27

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  • Hi Leanda yes I have had the piercing and it's worked for me x

  • Hi It has worked for a lot of people I had mine done just over a week ago it reduced the pain of the migraine a lot I still had the sickness but took a travel pill and was fine I was told I may be like that for a bit till it all settles but defiantly help and same as you it was my last resort X

  • I just cannot cope with them anymore,I can cope with pain but not my migraines ild rather give birth again then the pain of my migraines.this is why I'm interested in hearing from others about this piercing because if there is a chance it can help with them then ild like to try it. I'm unaware of how it's done tho?I'm a qualified ear piercer (with gun)but I don't think it's the same is it? Obviously I won't be doing it myself ild like to go and get it done properly x

  • I suffered years with a constant headache every day. Plus migraines. Had mine done at the beginning of the month (touch wood) no headache since. So nice not having to reach for the pain killers or going for a lie down to try and shift the dreaded thing x

  • Think I'll go and get it done next week then as I'm sick of living on tablets nearly everyday because of them and doctor moaning that I take to many tablets for them well what am I menna do lolx

  • It's worth giving it try. Before I had it done I use to pinch that part of my ear and felt it relieved the pain for a short while. Hope it works for you x

  • Thank you will let you no when I've had it done and see if it helps xx

  • It worked for me as a bonus. I got the piercing as I like it, then discovered it helped immensely x