Hi I ve been 4 months free with out mirgraines then last night they started...

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  • Hope it is easing off soon. If it any comfort I get numb tingling and drop things. Sometimes my partner has looked at me quizzically so I then realise that my words are muddled or my speech is not clear. He told me that it is like I am speaking through clenched teeth, anyone relayed this to you too? I find that I am very likely to be triggered by strong lights for what's is worth, though I am aware that different triggers are out there for many migraine sufferers.

  • I had the same symptoms once and was told I should go to the Doctor's. They were worried in case it was a stroke (normal with a migraine but they were covering their selves). Felt like a fraud as I knew what it was. When I had it after I was back from doctors I kept myself wrapped up and made sure I drank lots. I was lucky as I had someone who could take me to appt.

  • Thanks , it's took me few days to feel 100% me again , really hope I don't have any more , last year they was really bad then apperared to space out and became less, still not sure what keeps triggering them I don't eat any diary except chocolate lol but I feel that helps as after I've had a mirgraine , my sugar levels go so low n I'm shakey and get really annoyed , doctors are usless just thob me off all time, not 100% sure if it's my implant I'm on as that's due out in Oct been on it 6 years never had a brake and never had a problem till last year with mirgrainesx