Hi I have joined this group recently as I was diagnosed with severe vertigo 2...

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  • Yes I've got it after 2 brain tumours. So maybe not the same entirely but I take pre gabalin (or gabepebtine b4) and swear by it. If I don't take it I'm bed bound and the room is spinning. Can you ask for it do you think? Hope it gets better. Until you have it no one can imagine how scary it is

  • Yes i have Chronic Migraine but can get 1 to 10 symptoms but no pain in the head

    Mine are daily never without at least 1 symptom a day

    Sometimes just Aura black n white dots

    Sometimes just dizziness

    But its a neurological thing with me

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    Thank you ladies I rarely have headaches but everyday my ears and eyes are VERY sensitive. I use a computer all day in work and struggles with lines on the screen, noise and concentration, on good days on bad dizzy days it is just hell but I don't know what to do. Thank you for the advice

  • have you had your thyroid checked? x