Hi folks I m also new here Interested to know if anyone here suffers from...

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  • Hi Anneka, I suffer from Hemiplegic migraine I understand your pain! There is a group on here dedicated to HM called Hemiplegic migraine UK support forum which might be of help to you. I find it invaluable

  • Aw thanks Ruth ! I've just requested to join that group! And I'll check out the Migraine Trust -i recently joined their forum last month and do some ad hoc voluntary work there so going in on Weds- I'll be sure to enquire! Xx

  • No problem at all x

  • Not sure if this will be any help but I get pins and needles due to problems in my neck. This is also causing a lot of my migraines. I go regularly to get my neck "done" and can recommend this.

  • Thanks for the advice Penny! Mine is also in my neck and travels into my shoulders. What do you get done exactly? Xx

  • I see a physio who manipulates my neck and shoulders, and "softens" out the hard bits! It can be quite sore afterwards but also a "release". He says he can feel the tense areas going through my shoulders and up my neck which are contributing to my migraines. I definitely feel better for his treatment. I have been seeing him for several years on and off.