Hi first time post here My 8yr old son was diagnosed with migraines back in...

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  • Lucozade makes me feel better, especially if m the sickness has been bad. Also cold, wet flannels or the sticky migraine cool patches. Ginger biscuits are good for nausea, and plain rich tea if he doesn't like the taste. A small pillow so he can put his head anywhere he likes is helpful, and it goes without saying a dark, quiet room. I've had migraines for 20+ years and my 11 year old son seems to be going the sam e way, unfortunately. I feel both of yours pain

  • Lucozaade is too gassy and can cause nausea with a migraine (I was told to avoid fizzy, hence why I mentioned glucose powder). I had my 1st migraine when I was 12, scariest experience ever. I lost the sight in my left eye. I have suffered for 30 years and hope they are mild ones in future. I think everyone finds a way to cope with it.

  • Poor lad x

  • Excellent advice thank you. The sickness seems to have died down ago the moment and fluid going in is staying in which is brilliant. I've only ever had two but they were visual and over within a couple of hours. He seems to be suffering much more than I ever did. I think when it's their heads you always worry it's nothing more sinister. What helped was my dr also suffers migraines so understood straight away but couldn't offer any other pain relief due to him only being fairly recently diagnosed. I hope your son and you are managing this horrific condition. It's so debilitating it's awful xx

  • That happened with me but at 32' I remember it like it was yesterday and it was so scary then let alone at age 12. What's lovely here is how much support James is getting from everyone who don't even know either of us and for that I'll be forever thankful. Hopefully one of these methods will be helpful to him and I'll be right by his side each and every step xx

  • Hate seeing him suffering, it's awful feeling so helpless but no where near as awful as what he's going through. The silent and non visual medical conditions are the worst. Xx

  • oh rich tea and lucozade, my sanctuary and ginger biscuits. peppermint tea. Really hope he feels better soon XXX

  • Mine started at twelve is awful

  • Ok. I think migraines for the 1st time are scary no matter what age you are. That's what the group is for. To try and find solutions. I belong to a neuropathic pain group and it's good going on there and having a rant because someone doesn't believe we are ill. I would be lost without the groups. I have found the 4head stick and a cold flannel on my head the best when I have a migraine. X

  • I pinch the kids Caprisun pouches out the fridge for my head. I find cold is the only relief I get until it passes. Hope he feels better soon.

  • Thanks everyone, he's woken up now and finally says the headache is starting to go. :) bloody needed to after just over 40hrs!

    Managed a little bit of food and more water. Next dose of painkillers due at 9pm then I think we'll both be off to bed for a sleep.

    I've got my fingers and toes crossed that this particular one has ran its course and that if and when the next one strikes I'll be much more prepared.

    Have got a 4head stick and migraine relief cold patches for him, an eye mask and soluble paracetamol just in case.

    I really am so grateful to each and everyone one of you. Xx

  • I haven't read all the above comments but my son suffers too...not as much thankfully now but from 5-9yrs we were having up to 4 per month with vomiting everytime, the paediatrician confirmed in the early years it was abdominal migraine which then became hereditary migraine after myself and family...we stayed off ibuprofen due to irritation on the stomach and paracetamol didn't work...he was prescribed propranolol which I refused due to it not being tested on children and tried one sumatriptan nasal spray which he detested...so after all these years we now take a calpol melt at the onset and off he goes to bed and 7/10 times there is no sick....what has made a difference after the endless process of elimination was to take all food stuff with E numbers out of diet which we still do now...he was also colour tested at the opticians and given coloured overlays and coloured books at school. it helps at school to have water at hand to aid dehydration in the class room and to eat small and often. try him with an ice lolly like a rocket lolly when he feels better, I swear by them ....and it will put some sugars back in his body...hope he feels better soon...its a long road to finding out what prevents, I went down every road from food allergens to heart scans!

  • It must be awful to see your boy suffer. Would something with ginger or peppermint give him some comfort? Put something warm on the back of his neck. I really hope he does not end with these as a regular occurrence.

  • Hi, sorry to read your son is a sufferer too. It's awful to see them in so much pain.

    James had a fast melt but tbh I think it had set in too much as he already has been diagnosed with a high pain threshold. He vomited that back up within 15 minutes but then did manage to get his head comfy and sleep. His first one started after the only new thing he'd had was an orange fruit shoot. I kept a food diary / activity / sleep diary for him and it seemed either the fruitshoot or too much activity plus growth spurt. However the day before this latest attack he'd had some Coke Zero. It had phenylalanine in it. When I've looked back it would appear that this could have been his trigger or at least one of them so that's me checking and double checking everything now. His eyes are fine as I had them checked in January and he does where glasses. He was checked for colour blindness too as his father is colour blind but that came back ok.

    He's loving your suggestion of ice lollies and has had one of them earlier but now someone has said it it obviously has to happen whenever he gets another one :) love his resilience.

    As awful as migraines are it's so comforting to know we are not alone in our suffering.

    Thank you xx

  • Thank you, it's awful to watch him in so much pain and not do anything anywhere close to helping him. Sleep and more sleep on this occasion has finally prevailed. I just wish I'd found this site sooner as maybe 40hrs would have been a lot less xx

  • Poor little boy, we as adults know how awful and agony migraines are so for a child to have them is heartbreaking, I know people say cold helps but it's the opposite for me, a hot bath and a hot water bottle held on my head ( with cover on obviously) works wonders for me, hope he's better soon and can enjoy the holidays

  • Thank you. The cold seemed to help him. He had a bath yesterday and just made him sick even more :( xx

  • oh that all sounds so familiar to me in the been there done that...and yes fruit shoots, being over active, one late night...my son has missed out on so much, like going on out door pursuit hols with school too far away incase he got one...the eye test was similar to Irlen testing, to see how he read words ie black writing on white paper, can become an eyestrain and it is easier if you change the white to a colour. Irlens syndrome may be worth reading up on there is a group on here...my son is 10 now and is so used to feeling rubbish he now tells me when he is starting with the headache and we nip it in the bud as soon as...still doesn't always go to plan but he copes really well considering.

  • try the migraine buddy app also, its really helpful for trying to get a pattern

  • isn't it funny how some things work for some and not for others xx

  • Totally but when you're in so much pain or seeing someone suffer you'll try absolutely anything to ease it xx

  • I'm sorry to hear he's suffering. I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 6. I was given migraleve by doctors at the time but I've heard recently that they'll give sumatriptan to kids now.

    When I was pregnant and couldn't take any tablets to help I got a cool pad pillow topper (amazon) and that helps. 4head rub or patches are good and I'd drink Himalayan rose crystal salt in water (have a Google, I really do believe it helps and will still use it).

  • Never even heard of that. I'll download it first thing tomorrow x

  • We have a cool pillow anyway... he's always liked a cool pillow, maybe it was a sign of things to come. I've been at bought 4head rub today as well as the patches. So far due to his diagnosis only being recent we are only on paracetamol and ibruprofen but will be speaking to the dr again this week and asking for something stronger for him. This one lasted 40hrs which is way too long for a child or anyone to have to suffer. I'll have a look at the salt too as I'm willing to try anything to help him. Just wish it was me not him. Xx

  • I know it's just horrible! 40 hours is far too long. I hope the doctor can suggest something better than paracetamol and ibuprofen! The salt really does help me so I hope it helps him a bit too. If you mix with lemon juice it doesn't taste *quite* so bad xxx

  • He knows if it doesn't taste nice it will most likely work. He got diarolyte and that's quite salty so just added a bit more black currant:) xx

  • What a wee soul! Well I think it's good. Take it with the paracetamol and ibuprofen though not instead of! I put some in my gym bottle too as I used to be really prone to migraines after exercising. I rarely get a migraine if I've had some in my bottle. I had both daiths pierced a year ago and went from 3/4 migraines per week to 5 "proper" ones in the past year. I sometimes still get the tiredness, pressure in my head and eyes and light sensitivity and I'll say to my husband I'm certain I've got a migraine just now! But I've only had the "proper" migraine 5 times. I know those piercings are maybe a bit extreme for an 8 year old but perhaps something to consider for when he's older? Daith piercings are based on the acupuncture pressure point so maybe you could try that instead? Years ago I also went to Bowen therapy. I know they'll work on kids too. A woman my mum knew had great success with it as a preventative but I didn't find it that helpful. I did go once when I had a migraine and i managed to get rid of it within the hour after the treatment. Maybe it would help your son though?xxx

  • Try travel sick bands .. They work on pressure points and should alliviate the sickness ..worth a try .. No drug solution .....I would try warm hot water bottle on back of neck too... Opens up the blood flow ..which may be restricted

  • I did put pressure on his daith point and it helped for about 10 minutes so depending on how often he gets them, (this one was his worst but had 6 since January including this one) I may look into acupuncture to help him with it. So pleased you found something that worked for you. It's such a debilitating thing, seems to hit so hard and life just 'stops'. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from these xxx

  • Thanks, that's 25 years I've had them now with varying frequency so I've tried a lot!! I hope your son finds the thing that helps him really soon xxx