Hi everyone did the pain come back

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  • I went through the menopause 13 years ago, and the migraines improved, but the last few years they are becoming almost weekly and lasting up to 3 days. I'm at a loss as I thought they would improve with age. The doctors don't want me to keep taking the triptans because of my age, but I'm pretty desperate.

  • Doesn't sound as if I've got much to look forward to then!

  • I think I maybe the exception to the rule

  • I am in the same boat. Have they said why they want you to stop the Triptans? I wish Doctors would actually explain things. What harm do they do? Are they destroying our livers/kidneys? I got a shock as a mid 20's woman, on the pill, when a doc said "are you trying to get a stroke?" Of course the pill has changed a lot since the 70's/80's but we need the chance to weigh up the pros and cons ourselves. Life is not worth living if spent in bed, in the dark, throwing up and scared to make any plans because you know they will be ruined by a migraine. Zomig is the only thing I can rely on 95% of the time to work.