Hi everyone

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  • Sounds like a great idea matt. Not sure how I could be of help but happy to contribute if I can be of assistance.

  • I would be more than happy to be on the board.

    Plus i have extensive fund raising experience.

    Was the director of fundraisin for special olympics.

    Have no worries aproching companies for sponsorship and funding.

    Plus my extensive knowledge of ch.

  • I would be a great asset.

  • My daughter recons i could talk the skin of a rice pudding.

    Have many great ideas for rausing funds.

  • Matt inbox me

  • Hi Matt, I would like to offer help as well although not sure what I can do. I am now a Meditation / Mindfulness Teacher and could offer free sessions for anyone in the cluster headache community struggling with the depression and anxiety aspect of the condition. I am also about to study counselling so once qualified I was thinking of offering free sessions for cluster sufferers. I was already thinking about it as my way of giving back to society.

    Any other way I can help let me know

  • I'm working on a CH book at moment... As I am a chronic sufferer

  • Morning racheal

  • I'd be keen to help

  • Happy to help. Done more things with consultant, web, social, media or process, marketing etc than I can remember all the terminology for.