Hi does any one also have p. O. t. s

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  • Yes, my daughter has it as well as ch.

  • Yes our 15 an 14 year old are both showing classic ice pick headache symptoms just random attacks both have hypermobility with dislocations just learned today my birth father an his father show signs of pots . It shows how important your family medical history is.

  • I have fibromyalgia for 30 years starting to think I may have POTS as the ice pick headaches worsen upon standing up. Fibro/ME and POTS are linked. I'm not sure, going to ask my doctor.

  • Yeah I think so all the latest literature coming out from the U.S an

    The U.K is linking up. Mine's now called central sensitivity syndrome because I have the whole sebang . Specialist told us Rumataolgist Dr an pain specialist Dr but when we were discussing it with g.p she refers to the diagnosis as supposition theory it wasn't real.