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  • There is a free program you can make a 3D image from your CT scan slices now.

  • Tinnitus is nerve based, and nerve recovery takes a few months. Some times it is instant, but if the nerve crushed just hang in there.

  • I wonder if you got caught in the Electronic medical record blow off. When one doctor writes there is nothing wrong based off a assumption and every other doctor just reads it thinking they actually did something. Not until some doctor actually did a real test they figured it out. I mean when you have hearing loss due to a clogged estation tube it is caused from fluid build up????? that shows in gross pathology scans like a MRI and CT scan that would have been treatable by a them putting a tube in your ear to relieve the pressure. Also would have been able to see with a simple visual ear exam you would think. Just seem bizarre they failed this miserably with a clogged inner ear. Especially in Boston. I hope they are insulting each other on this one. So glad they cleared this up. We had another one in Cleveland here where a teenager was told she needed chemo and radiation for a brain tumor, and they took her to the Mayo Clinic and they did it without Chemo, Electronic Medical records almost killed her.. resetting to another hospital system where they looked at the films again and a fresh look got the right diagnosis.

  • I already had the tinnitus from 2011 when I had sudden hearing loss. It just seems much louder now.

  • Yep, just give it some time. The clog is from dead cells blocking the estation tube probably from a long term infection. This was not a instant problem. Tinnitus also just comes on with age, the fact it got louder because you got back pressure just means it may go back to what it was before. May not go away until you do therapy for the muscle spasms in your neck from the balance issues associated from the long term blockage. I have no idea besides they removed a blockage from your estation tube.

  • Talked about the CT Scan stuff with the head NP at Cleveland Clinic today. She said they do CT scans for suspected Sinus issues. One thing I am leaving out. The Cleveland Clinic does do Botox for many people. They have the people to get the Insurance companies to pay for it. They also have the people to do the out of state because they are only one of two hospitals in the country that have a program that can treat people this level of chronic pain issues.

  • Can I just ask does anyone get pain at the back of head when they bend over as well I seem to get front and back not always but especially when I have a cold etc I do - it does hurt around the bridge of nose as well. Not had any scan yet having blood test Tomo also dizzy and ringing in the ears sends me mad. Thanks

  • Yes I do, you have the same symptoms as me. After consulting Physio's and chiropractors I believe that the pressure from behind the bridge of the nose is from a blocked ethmoid sinus cavity, this then causes the head to feel sort of heavy which causes extra strain on neck muscles which can cause Brad pain. My advice, get a CT sinus scan.

  • Thanks Shaun

  • No probs

  • I think we should all start wearing masks like other countries - as england is very sandy and windy country - my nana use to say seaside resorts made her so bad she had to go to bed x

  • It may be a case of toxicity that they will not test for in the US. Pathology labs in the US will not test for Aluminum toxicity and you breathe it, eat it, and it goes through your skin all day. What to you do for yourself to remove it all? You need to drink at least one liter of FUJI water a day to rid yourself of it..