Hi all Long Vent session So I went to my neuro appt expecting to see headache...

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  • Around Syracuse area, but willing to travel

  • I told my neurologist having to deal with and being a victim of the medical community exacerbates my symptoms, she gets it but is a victim herself of insurance and healthcare regs. The symptom sucks and so does NDPH ... majorly sucks!

  • Jefferson in philly. I know its a hike though. Pretty sure there is a headache ctr in nyc... good luck seeetie

  • Very sorry you had that experience when you are so in need of some help. I think we've all had similar situations at some point trying to deal with the medical world. Keep pushing for the help you need! Hope it comes soon!

  • That's really awful. Is there a patient advocate that you could contact for help? Or maybe your pcp could help you get an appointment with the right doc? And what about insurance? Who's paying for all of these appointments to see the wrong doctor? Hopefully, someone can step in and help you get to the right doctor. I'm sorry it's been so difficult.

  • If you haven't been dealing with NY-Presbyterian (they are my hospital and this doesn't sound implausible when it comes to them, grrr), can I recommend Dr. Denise Chou? She's helped me a lot. It'll be a good long wait, though.

  • Is she in NY City?

  • I am paying just co pays but this is my 4th neuro. I was going to The DENT in Buffalo but my husband has a back issue and it's very taxing on him driving both ways in 1 day. I am really considering going back there because at least they had a plan.

  • Yes, at the midtown office.

  • Nichole Nicole Williams, can you offer any help to Lisa Barbato Michalet? Perhaps you can both offer each other some support?

  • I am in Syracuse too and I travel to Philly. I have up on Dr's here a while ago.

  • It was terrible. We had similar experience.

  • I'm near Albany. The clinicI would recommend is in Lebanon, NH. The headache clinic at Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center. I'd say Dr Ward, but he's retiring in June. I am only hoping the person replacing him knows NDPH, dr ward is already my 4th neurology doc.

  • Strong Headache Center in Rochester is worth a try. It's half the distance and at least you'll know that they understand NDPH and will have a plan of attack. They were very good to me, but didn't offer the in-patient protocol that they gave me at Jefferson in Philly.