Hi all can any one here tell me if they use welders oxygen as we can t get...

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  • be careful some of whats called welding oxygen is actually argon gas . try a dive shop

  • I used welders oxygen. Its just the black bottles. Works fine only difference is they arent purged prior to filling.

  • You may find some divers tanks are a mix of O2 and nitrogen. More suited for deep sea

  • What does purged mean

  • Basically its a fancy name for cleaning the interior of cylinder before filling. It made not much difference to me as we inhale all sorts of dusts and impurities on a daily basis.

  • I got mine from BOC. I rented the bottle on a monthly basis ( think $10 a month ). People will say all sorts of comments regarding industrial O2, but at the end of the day it does the job and oxygen has no side effects in my medical knowledge.

    Its ironic because most people wont think twice about spraying an insect and filling a room with a lovely pine aroma

  • jamie lee . industrial oxygen should be fine . just make sure your not getting argon . it does occasionally get sold as industrial oxygen . argon is great for welding . not good for humans