Hi after some advice please my 9 year old son has had migraines for the past...

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  • Yes its normal - cant eat - and sleep all the time same with me every month x

  • Hi tracey my sons been having migraines now for over a year my Gp acted really quick and got us in with a neurologist he's currently having 1 to 2 a week he's 11 next week and he's been prescribed sumatriptan and Buccastem m I feel for your son as it's so upsetting seeing them ill have you done a diary of his diet see if it's anything he's eating that could be triggering him x

  • Thanks Berni - i was worried that he just wanted to sleep all the time - have you got a child who suffers?

  • Sorry that your son is suffering too - it's becoming more frequent and unless we catch them instantly they seem to last a good 24hrs - does your son have any triggers?? I've noticed Harvey is irratable the day before he seems to have one and also he seems to wake up with his in the morning again is this normal x x

  • Thanks Sally for your reply x

  • Pizza we have noticed so we dont allow him it as often and also cheese but we think stress is a big factor he's had some emotional upset as my dad passed away last year so we thought this was the cause and then school as been putting lots of pressure on him as it's sats tests in may he's had quiet a lot of time off school aswell he becomes very tired and pale before an attack and sometimes he can be lethargic for days after he's often woke up with them aswell I suffer with them and my daughter but we've learnt to deal with ours .joe likes a cold face cloth on his head and just goes to sleep as it's what me and his sisters always done he always as the abdominal migraines which I didn't even know there was a such thing hope Harvey feels better soon xc

  • Ahh lots going on for him the pressure on youngsters is so tough these days no wonder they suffer with stress - Harvey also suffers with the abdominal pain again I didn't realise they could get this - what does the neuroligist do we haven't been offered this x

  • Yes this is normal, I started at 7 and was somewhat similar. Though he really won't feel like it, try keeping him drinking plenty of water and eating even if it's nibbles here and there. Often times migraines are made worse because of us not drinking or eating enough, so a vicious cycle really. Best to you all xx

  • It was our Gp who referred us it's been lots of questions and they did an examination and checked his coordination and balance it was them that advised us on the diet diary to see if we could identify any triggers we then went back and because nothing had improved were offered the medication we go back in June and this is to see whether joe needs profolatic drugs looking at the way he's been this may be the road we go down x

  • diet can be a big trigger. fizzy drinks especially with aspartame, chocolate and cheese. If you can get him to drink plenty of water through the day and eat regularly (graze) this helps my teenage niece.

  • Thanks Toria do you take medication for yours x

  • I used to, I started on medication at 17 when they finally took it seriously

  • No not at the moment but they are becoming more frequent and worried they will start effecting his schooling and it just knock him for six - today he's just been in bed all day x

  • What medication is your son on?? At what age would they medicate x

  • He's on sumatriptan for the pain and he takes Buccastem m for anti sickness the pharmacy did question the sumatriptan as they say they don't give it to under 11 but Neurologist says it's prescribed to his weight so it's not a problem x

  • Yes agree with the others - when you have a migraine you do just want to sleep all the time and the thought of eating just makes you feel sick. I would definitely take him to a neurologist but in the meantime ensure he gets plenty of sleep, drinks lots of water and stays away from the obvious food triggers such as chocolate, aspartame, cheese etc. Good luck. Really feel for your poor son - I find migraines hard enough to deal with at 47, I can't imagine what it's like to deal with them as a child.

  • Thanks Nikki x

  • My 8 yr old is currently dealing with a 36hr and counting migraine. Yesterday he only managed tiny sips of fluid when he woke. I totally feel your pain as a parent and I really hope you find some answers and methods to help him deal these nasty things xx

  • Ahh bless your son yes such nasty things x x

  • Poor lad. Hope he feels better soon.

  • Yes its normal ,I can't eat anything for 3 days and only can just sip small amounts of water .and once feel abit better I crave salt for 1 day

    I sleep normally for 2 days waking only for few mins to sip water and back of again .

  • Thanks Janet I was concerned that he wanted to sleep all the time good to know that's normal x

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz ifyour still concerned take him to see your doctor ,or try and get the doctor to come out to see him ,but please make sure he drink's even if its just regular sips of water so he doesn't dehydrate , take care x

  • So sorry you have to see your little one suffer. Would something with ginger or peppermint be a comfort. Lavender is a comfort in the background, though I know very well the pain only goes away when it is ready to. We have photosensitive migraines and issues with the sun in our family line. For me, LED lights have played me up no end. Try putting something warm on the back of the neck. If noise creates havoc, try pinching the area between the thumb and forefinger....I have not tried it myself but a friend I know told me it helped him. Maybe the smell of warm bran might help?.....crazy I know but my Mum ran a tumble dryer with plain bran in it, and it helped!....no I don't get it either. Closer to the truth I found the background hum of the tumble dryer soothing, so this might me more soothing than anything? I also wear migraine darkened red glasses these days, they really help. But saying that, different things work better for different people. Really hope this eases off for your family for the Easter Break. Take Care x