Hey peeps need some advice re my cluster migraine it has a spot in the top...

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  • I've had it 44 years , things do move around a bit . I've had lump in eye , next to eye , sinus bone , jaw bone , top of head , base of skull ....

    I'm sure you're fine . ( normal)

  • Thanks Chris Uswe Plastow good to hear im normal hehe just thought it might be something else or worse as its exactly the same signs n symptoms of ch migraine just didn't know if could move around the body or not

  • I'm eye and jaw bone. I've once ever had it on the opposite side. No lumps here (yet). I hope you work out what it is!

  • Thanks CJ Schmulmar as i too get in my jaw on right side but so far its just the left eye starting gonna make appt wit neuro see wot he says