Hey guys I was just wondering something there was a word I was trying to...

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  • Are you in the uk? X

  • Hi. I have had NDPH for 7 years. I was only diagnosed with a little under ago. I would find a Dr that specializes in NDPH. I was going to a pain management Dr for years and received several treatments that did not work which included trigger point injections to facet blocks. He was focused on my neck instead of head. I wish I went to headache specialist years ago. They will be able to assist with the pain physically and mentally. Hope this helps!!

  • I am in the United States

  • I currently see a headache specialist in the Headache Clinic at Denver Children's, I was thinking more along the lines of a physical therapist type where I would make weekly or monthly appts or whatever, and use them less for medicine stuff and more for physical stuff, but it's hard to know what to describe when I can't remember the word I am looking for to describe them D:

  • I think you're thinking of Craniosacral therapy. Sort of a cross between massage and acupressure. My granddaughter went to an occupational therapist for it. After her first session her pain went down to a 4 for a few hours then right back up. Further sessions didn't help at all and after 6 sessions she and the therapist decided to quit. If you try it I hope it gives you some lasting relief.