Hey fam sorry i haven t been around much the last few days The old head and I...

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  • Stay strong warrior Dan, & have a great night.

  • Thought maybe u were getting hit, that's harsh mate.. hope it doesn't wreck your w'end too much.

  • Survival mode. Hopefully everything is fully stocked an organized right where you need it.

  • Brother that sucks. Have fun with your friends. Take a time out if getting hit. Then join them again. You will get back to pain free.

  • I absolutely hate the figurative shadow which hangs back in your mind when out living it up...I can't offer any advice mate, I'm sorry. But I do hope it leaves you alone for the night with the lads! All the best champion!

  • Your a warrior.stay strong.we are all with you buddy.

  • Give IT hell Dan

  • I'm shitfaced guys I'm ok. You are all fucking magnificent and my family. Tomorrow will be tomorrow but right now I'm having fun. Thank you

  • You have no need to apologize mate. I'm ripping it up bro, I'm ok

  • I'm soo jealous, im actually terrified to drink. Between CH and P.O.T.S

  • Fear is our enemy StuandMel Begbie. Ch is a bully no more no less, fuck CH

  • Sorry to hear Dan and hoping you didn't have a rough night last night. I wonder if it was the flying as that is what happened tto Steve after a trip. He was out of cycle at the time. I am convinced that was what caused his. Hopefully things will kick in quicky for you and put a stop to it. Take care xo

  • Hope you're all good today bloke!