Hey CH family. anybody else get symptoms from merely saying the word headache

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  • Oooooohhhh I hate them.

  • No I actually had cluster headaches, there is no symptoms from saying "Headaches" or "custer headaches". Yes the headaches are self aware, what are you smoking? drinking? Eating? they never taunted me, after I regulated my sleep habits and eating; they slowly started going away; eventually disappearing period. Going on 4 years now. Yes they will come back eventually, but if you keep ignoring the fact you can't defeat it, it makes me wonder whether you are just taunting your own self in the fact "They might disappear".

  • I "actually" have them Patrick. For ten years now, so trust that I have no illusions about these headaches. Good for you that yours are regulated. All of us aren't that lucky. How and why would I taunt myself thinking they may disappear? Do you know how stupid that sounds? You could have glossed right over this post but nooooo, you gave this long ass monologue that didn't help at all. Thanks for nothing.

  • yes noone is allowed to say the h word in my house

  • I went 4 years without them...then they came back one day....

  • when someone talks about headaches i dont listen, and when there is something is on tv about the h word i turn the channel,its one of my triggers, sry patrick

  • Scott last year I didn't have any

  • best year ever, me not so lucky ashley

  • Indeed and I'm sorry

  • ty