Hello I have had migraines for sixteen years I have been through countless...

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  • Does nothing for my migraines

  • I take it now for my depressio. And fibromyalgia. Ive had success with it. But they didn't give it ti me for migraines

  • I used Cambia for several years and if I caught it in time it worked to at least knocked the Migraine down some. Cambia is very hard on your Kidneys and I now have Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease from all the meds.

  • My family phy rx for major depression. I began to develop a everyday migraine. I was eating my migraine pills like candy I went thru 60 butal in less than a month. And 12 imetrex week and half. They were terrible. I was getting toradol shots. Nothing was working. I was even taking morphine. Very well could have been rebound too..She sent me to a pain specialist who said the Cymbalta is more than likely part of the culprit. He took me off and put me on nortriptyline. Migraines have gotten better. At least I'm not eating pills like candy anymore. Not gone but manageable for the past week and a half