Hello everyone I m new to the group. I ve been a lifelong migraine sufferer

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  • Very sorry, Collin . Neck traumas are very tough on migraines...

  • Thanks.. I've had 2 back surgeries in 2016 that that didn't help with migraine relief and I knew they weren't going to. Now my pain mgmt dr and neurosurgeon want to have me get the neurostimulator

  • Im sorry. My migraines were totally under control until I injured my neck. Now, when my neck starts aching it, without fail, turns into a migraine. Happens at least once a week. I'm 42, and have been getting once a month migraines that last 3 day since I was 17.

  • That's not good. I wish there was relief for us

  • Me too! I hope you find relief soon.

  • Thank you

  • Hey Collins and Welcome. So sorry you suffer too. My migraines also derive mainly from neck issues. Have run the gammet of meds, botox, nerve block injections in the neck and Mayo Clinic. Still searching and learning :)

  • I'm very sorry, Collin! I hope you are able to find relief!