Hello everyone I don t want to speak too soon but I suffered for 4 5 months

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  • I was thinking about acupuncture, did you find it helped ?

  • Yes definitely helped. The first time I went was a day when I had a massive headache and it reduced it a lot but it wasnt permanent. I guess its like massaging, if you get stressed and tense muscles again then you need to get it done again to release the tenseness. But also I was too busy to go consistently.

    But I live in Asia (korea) and its super cheap here, back in my home (New Zealand) it would have been way too expensive for me to go.

  • That is exactly what I have. The back of my head and right side of my neck into my shoulder kills me and when I feel that I have pain by my nose and forehead. Never made the connection. Thanks

  • Amy you are very right. Even some underlying stress can lead to symptoms that cause symptoms that cause other symptoms... which causes anxiety. There's most likely many people in this group that would benefit greatly from your post. I've found there is also a large number of us (myself included) who have ruled out stress as the underlying cause by working in a low-pressure environment, exercise, acupuncture and massage treatments, etc. with no results.

    Still if some lifestyle changes and minor treatments were to help someone it would save them a countless amount of time, money, and added anxiety from doctor visits.

  • I'm going through the exact same it's nice to hear from people who have come through it hope everything worked out ok

  • The tense muscles are not the cause of the sinusitus. It's the other way around. Read this article. http://sinuscure.org/sphenoid.html

  • A lot of people here are having all those symptoms because of the toxic air they are breathing. You can suffer from severe sinus irritation without it having any internal cause... In other words, your sinuses can still be clear and be irritated at the same time.

  • Stop relying on others to do things to you. Everything comes back to anxiety and depression. That is the same part of the brain that is the intensity of pain. Every mother should know what LaMaze is at least heard of it. It is not acupuncture, it is not someone doing something to you. It is mindfulness meditation to calm your anxiety so the pain does not hurt you. That is what all this other stuff is doing, is getting you to do mindfulness meditation. Deep breathing exercises. You can not have inflammation without anxiety, you can not be hurt without anxiety. It is very hard in today social media society to convince others that there is not a magic pill, or a surgery or someone that can fix them. Learn to breathe... Learn to relax, there are a infinite paths to inner peace, if you need to do it with acupuncture, do it. IF you need to do it swimming do it. If you need to jog, walk, tai chi.. what ever calms you down.. do it, the hurt will calm down.. If you keep thinking it is killing me, someone needs to do something to me.. you will suffer for a long time.

  • Hmmm have you looking into TMD or TMJ dysfunction?

    When we're stressed, we can clench and/or grind our teeth, which affects our jaw, which affects our sinuses, neck, headaches, everything. My pain management doctor recommended I see a holistic dentist to reduce the tension in my jaw, facial pain, headaches, etc. I'm exploring this area further and currently trying a soft mouthguard on the bottom teeth / jaw. Would be happy to chat about this further.

  • I agree about the importance of our breath and meditation and relaxation techniques