Hello. Any advice please. Has any one got any experience of the York test

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  • Let me no if you find out please as trying to see if mine could be related to food ,

  • Will do.

  • Have made enquiries and it seems a bit expensive £300 ish. The case study is of a lady who is cow's milk and corn intolerant. Might be worth trying to cut out lactose?

  • Thanks. I have already cut out dairy

  • I've heard of the York test but have never done it. I got tested for intolerances years ago in NZ with a computer hooked up to a copper rod which I had to hold. As the woman who tested me scrolled over the various foods and substances on the screen my body reacted to the ones I had an issue with. I was incredibly sceptical and tried my best to catch her out but it was SO accurate. I cut out the foods she picked up on and went from 5 migraines a week to 2 in 5 months!! Unfortunately I have no idea what it was called but it obviously picked up on intolerances as well as allergies as I don't have any actual allergies. My point is that if the York test only deals with allergies maybe there is something out there that would be more suitable? It's something I plan to look into again too.

  • I've cut out all diary except chocolate , Did av some ice cream as fancied some so will try cut it bk out , I don't any other x