Heading into week 3 of my cycle and getting hot almost every 3 hours without...

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  • Right I'm going to try and sleep. Or bang my head against the wall

  • Do you take the injection when you feel it coming on

  • Yes jaime it normally works in about 5 minutes

  • Okay he is off to the docs now so fingers crossed they'll give to him how you holding up

  • Heads very sore just on way to work early to get my injections. Hope it goes well X

  • Bet you can't wait to get there

  • Typical I got to work and my head pretty much completely cleared. I find I don't normall suffer much st work as I'm running around like an idiot must have something to do with adrenaline levels.

  • How did your partner go on with the doctor?

  • They wouldn't give him either no oxygen he has to go specliest to get a script for some and won't give him the injections cause he has never heard of it or no anything about them so annoyed

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz there is a cluster support group for aussies and Im sure they could help you with getting the oxygen and triptans Dan Bailey is a member hopefully he will chime in,many of us here in the states use welding oxygen if there is any way you could hold of some,it works like a miracle

  • there are many alternative options to the big pharma drugs,here is a link to a regimen of vitamins that have a very high success rate among ch patients,its saved a lot of lives http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB .pl?num=1324046404

  • Yes I am on The page and have some awesome support from all included just never had seen about the injections

  • yes the injections do work just wonderfully,like many good things they also have a downside as its fairly widely known though seldom mentioned that they are known to make attacks more severe as well as causing more attack and more than one person credits their use to turning them chronic,causing kidney stones and a host of other nasties http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1526- 4610.2004.04132.x/abstract

  • If you have never it is worth a minute to read this journal article Christopher Newman Norm http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1526- 4610.2004.04132.x/abstract

  • Yep seen all this before Jeff. It's not a perfect drug but of all the options it works for me. I use half a dose at a time which aborts the attacks but limits the side effects. I imagine if I was chronic it would be a bigger issue

  • Also although the d3 diet has worked for many people it's not a guaranteed cure either. Just as many people report no benefit whatsoever. It's what suits the individual I suppose

  • Always prepared

  • Start thinking big picture.

    This is a life long disease without a cure. Think what 20 or 30 years of using these drugs will do to you.

    Imitrex was developed and tested for occasional use on migraine - not daily use for clusters.

  • That's why it is recommended you get your 25(OH)D levels checked before you start. Most ( not all) of us are low and will see some benefit from the supplement regimen (which is not just D3). If you half assed do the regimen you should have half assed expectations.

  • I totally get that. I have mine too. :(

    I know the pain won't kill me, but that doesn't mean I am not terrified about my next hit. Thats called PTSD. We all have it and want a safety net.

  • I hear you but it's only occasional use on clusters. If I was chronic and thank gid I'm not then yeh I'd be concerned but currently the injections in moderation to be fair lets me live a normal life for a small period each year that would otherwise be hell. So I'm going to stick with them as my primary preventative

  • I get that. I'm chronic and was in remission until late 2014. I was using my trex stockpile at one per day. After a month or so of that I started having heart problems and my hits were getting worse - much harder to abort.

    The last injection I used was about this time last year and I finally have no more chest discomfort.

    BUT ... I still have my stockpile under my desk. Yeah .. I'm bad and brave, but have a dozen injectors at the ready. :(

  • BTW .. glad to see you are splitting the dose. (Y)

  • Hang in there..love and prayers