Have any of you had problems with illegal behavior or abuse by medical...

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  • I'm so sorry!

  • Yea. I had to go to the ER last weekend and they asked me what "ER" therapies worked in the past and I told them. They said yea we don't do that anymore, gave me toradol which is in the family of Voltaren which I have an anaphylaxis reaction to then give me reglan and Benadryl. My chest started hurting and I thought oh God here we go anaphylaxis, took the nurse almost 45 minutes to come and check on me by this time I'm in panic mode, my heart racing I'm thinking I'm gonna die before seeing my sixth grand baby born. Then they came back gave me compazine, Ativan, and more Benadryl. Buy this time I've had so much Benadryl I thought I was literally going to jump out of my skin. Why ask me what helps if you ain't gonna give me what helps. I know we got a major drug issue in this country but ppl come on. All the migraine sufferers want is to not hurt. But seriously I'm a nurse so yes by all means report him to the hospital administrator and if that doesn't help consult an attorney. Doctors are ppl too and they need to held at a higher standard they hold lives in their hands.

  • Report it to the police and see a lawyer ASAP.

  • Does your country have a governing body for doctors? We report anything like that to the college of physicians and surgeons. There's an investigation and it's stays on the record. It's not something that the hospital would deal with, it should be a third impartial party. I know our health care system is very different though. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  • I second what Tabitha Pringle said- the physician will be licensed and you can report it to the licensing board.


  • Reglan and comoazine cause severe panic attacks in me...like trying to get out of my skin or like imvgonna die.....hirribke!!

  • AMA.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, and call your health insurance they probably have advisors. I'd do this before calling hospital. So sorry this happened to you.

  • I didn't go in for a migraine but major pain after having s D&C after having a miscarriage at 10 weeks along. My OB told me to rush to the nearest ER. So the ER called in the OB on call. He came in with his pants unzipped, coat still on and stumbling around. I was laying on the table with my feet in stirrups waiting for a vaginal exam. He bumped his head on the big exam light..the nurse reached up and adjusted it. He went to go push open my legs wider and he touched me down there to place the spectulum ...that's when my sister who was sitting beside me for support noticed he hadn't put gloves on. So she said "Dr I believe you need to put gloves on before you exam her." He gave her a look of shock and anger. Nurse gave him gloves and he proceeded to give me a very rough exam. After getting home I waited until HR opened and I talked to the head of HR, the assistant of hospital administrator, the medical board of my state. They all said they would look into it. Very long story short..after 5 months of no response from anyone I get a letter from the medical board of the hospital that said since I was given IV pain medication prior to the doctor examining me and my state of mind was out of sorts emotionally and mentally since I had just had a miscarriage earlier that day... basically I didn't see what I saw cuz of the influence of the pain meds and my miscarriage had made me an emotional wreck..even the I never cried or anything...plus my sister didn't see it either. Her testimony wasn't true because she is my family and would lie for me. So her testimony wasn't taken in to consideration when doing the investigation and when all facts were presented upfront of the board it was me against the doctor and the nurse. I lost. I can not tell you how livid and beyond angry I was. From that day on I lost complete confidence in all medical professionals..well most of them anyways. The nurse saw everything but reported the exact opposite of what really happened. The doctor acted as if he was drunk and was going to give me a vaginal exam with no gloves and was very very rough in giving me the exam after being told to put on gloves. This whole thing just proved a doctor can and will do whatever he/she wants and can and will get away with it. I have never felt more violated in my life.

  • Sorry I wrote a book ⬆ but I felt maybe if I told my story it might help others.

  • I'm so sorry that happened to you. Where did this happen? I mean what state, city or region?

  • This happened in Sedalia, MO at Bothwell medical hospital in 2004. Granted they have done a major overhaul on staff and have made some major changes since then but that doctor still practices. I will not reveal his name only cuz I'm worried about being sued but I can say his dad is also a doctor there. I will say I believe he was so rough and rude to me cuz in his religion women don't have rights and all he saw on my chart is that I just had a D&C ..which is the sane procedure as an abortion. .but I did NOT have an abortion.. I had it to make sure everything came out when I had a miscarriage. I had to be cleaned out basically. I feel he was treating me like crap because of his hateful religious beliefs...plus he was obviously intoxicated

  • Inform the hospital first

  • Get an attorney involve now.

  • Wow. So sorry!! :( That sucks. Have you consulted a lawyer? Maybe he could help you get emotional damage compensation.

  • If you think the behavior was inappropriate you could do either but the hospital and doctor are going to protect themselves. Consult an attorney most consults are free.