Has anyone tried a salt rock lamp. For migraines or other health reasons

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  • I have two...I sleep much better and my migraines have lessened. While others may scoff, I believe mine have helped.

  • I have one. Didn't see a difference

  • It's a nice night light,but that's all.God Bless your Gram.

  • Thanks for all of the input everyone!

  • I bought my mom one for Christmas 2016. She says it helps some but isn't a cure.

  • Here is one for ya'll, my aunt Linda suggested sliced potatoes wrapped on your forehead with wet rag to hold in place. It worked to some degree as in it went from like a level 10 to a 6. I believe it helps with swelling that is why

  • My mom said something similar but with cabbage! But the cabbage didn't help with mine - maybe I'll try potatoes!

  • It does help me sleep better.

  • I have one and I find the light soothing but I saw a report that they can be a fire hazard.

  • We have one , got it for allergies, couldn't tell it worked ( have been getting migraines from some allergens)

    I have a friend that swears by it for sinus issues ...

    it won't hurt you ...

  • I have a few. They don't do anything for my migraines, but I love the glow.