Has anyone on here had a daith piercing to stop migraines and did it work

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  • I coukdnt my diath is too small

  • Not sure if im brave enough to go through the pain incase it doesnt work

  • I got that piercing and unfortunately it did nothing for me :( doesn't mean it won't work for someone else!

  • I've been thinking about it but not sure I'm brave enough.

  • My sister has had one so I'm thinking of having it done as she said her migraine attacks have reduced greatly. We both suffer and take a drinking gel too that cleanses the body and helps get rid of toxins it seams a much better approach than all the medication we were both on

  • Think I'm going to have it done if it doesn't work it's still a nice piercing, it's just the pain of having it done that puts me off but any things better than a migraine!

  • Yes I've had it done. I've suffered with migraines for 21 years and since October last year there has been barely a day when I was free of a migraine. Tried so many Meds which didn't agree with me. The Daith has been amazing, only two small migraines in a month which were at hormonal time of the month and within a few hours felt much better after a sleep 24 hours later couldn't even tell if had a migraine. Strongly recommend!! If you put lots of Elma cream on before you get it done it will numb it. I could barely feel it and no pain in the piercing since. Nothing to lose and so much to gain. Good luck xx

  • Thanks Ellie McKenzie how long did it take to heal? X

  • It isn't fully healed now, it takes a couple of months I believe because of where it is but if you clean with salt water as advised twice a day it will keep clean and heal quickly. I also use a savlon spray too as the area is prone to infection xx