Has anyone noticed that almonds have been a trigger for migraines I ve...

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  • They can be for some people. Are you having trouble coming up with other snacks?

  • Well today I replaced the nuts with seeds

  • Cashew and sunflower butter are ...not cheap, but okay substitutions for some things. Instead of snacking on almonds - could try hazelnuts, macadamias and pumpkin seeds and toasted coconut flakes. Also trying to get more fat from avocados, MCT oil can help keep you full.

  • If it's not a legume free diet, I also really like veggies dipped in hummus, black bean dip, etc because you can keep those interesting with difference spices.

  • That's great thanks! I just started mct oil in my coffee.....it is a bean free diet

  • How about roasted eggplant dip or olive tapenade?That's a good place to hide some healthy fats..

  • Oh yeah good idea! I do like olives

  • I think all the nuts go nuts about migraine.

  • It's really person by person

  • Try my acupressure vid i posted. I don't believe in foods or drink causing migraines. Mainly dehydration. The salt in the nuts or food causes you to retain water and reduces blood flow triggering migraines. The migraine itself is knots around your eye muscles that need to get massaged out. That's my experience.

  • I'll try it! Where can I find the video?

  • I'm on day 12 of