Has anyone had botox done on just forehead Does it work for headaches...

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  • I paid for one treatment of Botox on the forehead to see if it would work but I didn't notice any difference... But the dentist that did it said as it's cumulative I would probably need more than one round, it has stopped her regular clients headaches. I didn't pay for any more as my hospital appointment came through.

  • On NHS had 7 in my forehead, 4 on each side just behind my temples in my hair, and the rest at the base of my skull and in my neck, think approx 25 in total. Good luck tomorrow x

  • NHS do your forehead, temples your neck and shoulders. I had about 42

  • Omg wow!! Let's hope it will work as I'm desperate, having headaches every day :( thank you ladies for your advice. Really appreciate it xx

  • I had Botox on my forehead by a doctor in Harley St who told me it would cure my migraines, didn't do a thing. Would be interested to hear your outcome.

  • Will keep you all updated, the lady who'll do it tomorrow has been doing this for over 13 years and I trained nurse. So fingers crossed xx